When five (5) or more students sign up, the following courses are made available by FCJE-UFRO. (We keep you posted as to the alternatives, so you do not loose on academic credit!)

  • International Entrepreneurship (in English)
  • Globalization and International Organizations (in English)
  • Tourism in Latin America (in English)
  • Business English (in English)
  • Business Spanish (in Spanish)
  • Latin American Consumer Protection Legislation (in English)
  • IP for Business (in English; stars in 2019)
  • Labour Legislation for Entrepreneurs and Investors (in Portuguese)
  • Social Security Legislation: Comparison of Chile and Brazil (in Portuguese)

Interdisciplinary Courses (in English) available to all students at UFRO:

  • International Relations
  • Living Abroad
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Discovering Canada: advanced conversational English
  • International Topics for Chile: advanced conversational English
  • International Tests of English
  • Applying for international grants and scholarships
  • Business English
  • Academic English
  • Food, Culture and Society
  • Film and Literature

More information on interdisciplinary courses in English: http://electivos.ufro.cl/minor/#minor_ingles

Chilean Transferable Credit System (SCT, acronym in Spanish) is a numerical rating system of the total workload of students that promotes readability of a training program and the transfer of these credits from one institution to another. Measuring of actual work-time of a student is expressed in units “SCT credits” with a total of those accumulated throughout the year being 60 or 30 on semester basis. each SCT credit is equal to 28 hours (1 SCT credit = 28 hours).

Finally, our list of electives taught in Spanish with reading in English is updated on a semester basis but usually includes the following courses:

  • IAE 361 Introducción a SAP Usando Global Bike
  • IAE 377 SAP 1
  • IAE 495 Taller de consultoría de empresas
  • IAE-517 Negocios Virtuales y Digitales
  • IAE 521 Reclamaciones Tributarias
  • IAE 531 Empowerment Laboral

The 1st semester lasts from March to July, while the 2nd semester lasts from August to December. Please register by November 30th in the International Mobility Platform of UFRO to study with us during the first semester of 2018 (starting in March 2018)Please contact us through International Mobility Platform at http://movilidad.ufro.cl/ and e-mail intl.fcje@ufrontera.cl

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